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Ashley Doggett. QPOC/T*POC Fashion Designer, Artist, and Writer. I like anime/manga, haute couture, and everything fab. Please use 'they'/'them' pronouns when addressing me.

Misrepresentation of a culture that otherwise would be continued to be shitted on is kind of bad, too though. It’s kind of a race thing as Iggy is marketing herself off of POC struggles/stigmas, so she too embodies that. It’s ok if you like her music but the racism is still there regardless… It sucks that its that way but yeah… Its all about money/marketing in a market that would call a black woman ‘ratchet’ for being a rapper whereas a white woman gets called edgy for calling herself a ‘runaway slave master’ in her appropriated southern drawl. Shmh.

If people only realised that Iggy Azaelia is being used up by black male producers who are just marketing her neo-appropriation minstrel shit, then they wouldn’t feel so bad about Ms.Banks calling her, in fact, a ‘white devil’. There is racism/shitting on black women in the music business all the time and for people to overlook that is sickening.

Macklemore strikes me as the kind of guy who works at Dave & Busters to sell his home made rap CDs and pay for his tuition for his junior college certificate in medical billing/coding. Not to mention that he also drives his dad’s used Corvette and that he buys his girlfriend clothes from the clearance rack at Ross.

I think it’s so fucked up how just because Azealia Banks gave an opinion on Lady Gaga’s similar use of mermaid motifs that Gaga allows her fans to “defend” her by calling Azealia racist slurs like wow Lady Gaga used to be against bullying and shit and now she basically enables it 


Lady Gaga definitely got the inspiration for “Born This Way” from the legendary House song “I Was Born This Way” by Carl Bean. His song was about gay liberation and being comfortable with himself no matter what others thought and if you compare the lyrics it’s so evident that she did take huge inspiration, if not even copying the song’s baseline, from his work:

everybody thinks her sound is so brand new like no she borrows so much from everybody but oh well since she’s such an “icon” now nobody will defend my point. I get so tired of her appropriation and stealing that I’ve lost all faith in her to be original. Even Grace Jones and Madonna have publicly called her out on her flagrant copying. 

Is it just me…

Or does it seem that Valentino has turned from having extremely luxurious dresses to having designs that look like they were plucked from that film The Virgin Suicides?