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Ashley Doggett. QPOC/TWOC Fashion Designer, Artist, and Writer. I like anime/manga, haute couture, and everything fab. Please use 'they'/'them' pronouns thanks! Feel free to add me on facebook too.

Vintage YSL dress, thrifted earrings, and vintage cat eye sunglasses! I’m remodeling my bathroom so yeah haha :’)
Ayy lmao
Vintage Versace and thrifted chains lol too edgy
Hermes and Prada
Vintage L’estelle D’or lame top and antique earrings (again lol).
I’m wearing all vintage today for my trip downtown!
Paris is Burning. 
KTZ - FALL WINTER 2014.15 - LFW!
Tom Binns necklaces 
Fuck niggas wear these shoes.
US Harper’s Bazaar May 1998"Meet Me in Havana"Models: Naomi Campbell & Kate MossPhotographer: Patrick DemarchelierStylist: Sarajane HoareHair: Michael BoadiMakeup: Fulvia Farolfi

There’s a difference between wearing vintage and wearing your mama’s leggings, sis. 

Ajak Deng