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why do advertisers sexualize female m&ms

why do advertisers assign gender to m&ms

why do advertisers humanize food products

why is there a bear family who considers the highlight of their day to be wiping their asses

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Rikiishi is my spirit animal 

I officially can’t talk to my mom about gender/transmisogyny because she doesn’t believe that doctors offices and jobs don’t discriminate against transwomen due to the fact that many are labeled as dmab on their birth certificates and ect. I can’t talk to her about shit concerning me personally as she believes that people can’t be open about their gender and sexuality because ‘even because your a transsexual’ you don’t have to tell everyone. I feel like I’m going to explode and it’s really becoming too much. I can’t tell the person I love and trust the most about shit and that’s so disgusting. 

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Her blackness is fine, the blackness of her skin; the blackness of her mind.
Her beauty cannot be measured with standards of a colonized mind.

Me’shell Ndegéocello.   (via theangryblackwoman)

I love Me’shell Ndegéocello. 

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sometimes when i’m sad i remember white men’s hairlines

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The New York City Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in locating the following person reported missing within the confines of the 24 Precinct. The details are as follows:

Missing: Lee, Jiwon 29 year old female 220 West 98 Street NY, NY

The missing was last seen at her residence on April 1, 2014 at approximately 2030 hours. She is described as being 5’2” tall, 120 lbs., with black hair and eyes.

A photo of the missing is attached and available at DCPI.

Anyone with information in regards to this missing person is asked to call Crime stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime stoppers website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577.

All calls are strictly confidential.

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Reblog if you identify as asexual


Please reblog if you identify as asexual, grey-asexual or demisexual

If you are NOT asexual, grey-asexual, or demisexual but still believe it is a legitimate sexuality reblog THIS post

I’m preparing to come out to my parents

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who cares about hashtags when there’s hashbrowns

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when u dont know if ur ocs backstory is really cliched or not


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Frank Pollard 2012
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The second child killed in New Orleans in 3 days. I, as well as thousands of other New Orleanians, will continue to stand for change. And we will not stop until our voices are heard. RIP baby girl

Rest in Peace Baby Gurl 💫



👼🙏 R.i.p Doll
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New Life Motto.
goomyqueen : I feel that your opinion on the nonbinary petition is absolutely valid and correct (both in the current day and in the future). However I feel that even having that as an option could help mellow people out about the idea of nonbinary identities, even if it isn't used by anyone (for the stated reasons in your earlier response)? Country wide recognition on it's own would probably be a useful tool in creating the stepping stones people need to educate themselves. That's just how I see it tho.


as i mentioned in the post, legal gender is form of surveillance and control that has been a direct signifier of discrimination for all trans people. believe it or not, we can continue to educate the public about our existence without playing so heavily into assimilation. we have the internet at our fingertips and other forms of communication that we can use to educate that won’t put us in physical harm’s way. we can encourage others to educate themselves through those same means so we aren’t put into a position of coddling those who don’t support our liberation. cis people in the government aren’t going to end or substantially mitigate anti-trans oppression, but they’ll definitely participate in it while promising us protection that they will never consistently give us. the nature of capitalism includes temporarily offering relief to the oppressed only to sweep our rights from under us again so we then are encouraged to settle for the scraps the government throws at us in response to broken promises; the corrosion of rights is integral to the success of capitalism.

we don’t need (and shouldn’t want) the government to replicate transmisogyny within our community on an institutional scale so we can have a legal gender marker that will functionally have minuscule widespread effect of lessening transphobia for cafab trans people and will do absolutely nothing to address transmisogyny faced by camab trans people. what good is a legal gender marker that cannot be utilized by those who are struggling the most? elevating the very few nonbinary people who are overwhelmingly cafab and can afford to be monitored by the state with little to no consequence at the expense of those of us who simply cannot is a blatant appeal to capitalism that derives power from oppressing trans women.

do you think it’s worth participating in transmisogyny so a handful of cafab nonbinary people can do what the most vulnerable of our community simply cannot?

i truly would hope not, but history has shown that cafab trans folks’ priorities will gladly do just that without opposition, and as someone who is aware of this, i will dedicate all the time in world to do everything i can to stop us/them from bringing any type of repulsive transmisogynist reality into fruition.

i’ve said it before. the only way nonbinary people will have an improved social condition is through the support and liberation of people oppressed by transmisogyny, as transmisogyny is the root of all anti-trans oppression.