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Ashley Doggett. QPOC/TWOC Fashion Designer, Artist, and Writer. I like anime/manga, haute couture, and everything fab. Please use 'they'/'them' pronouns thanks! Feel free to add me on facebook too.

A piece I am going to based off of Donatello’s Gatta Melatta.
My sister bought me this shirt last Christmas and well its not quite ‘sweater material’, so I threw it pn today. I’m heading out shopping to see what I can get today for cheap ;)

You know it’s time to go to bed when Z-bags shows up on your dash.

Is that Nash Grier? 


when someone does something better than you


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where can i buy some thigh high crocs

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Prada A/W 12

Beyoncé at her 21st Birthday Party


being dragged is healthy once in a while it keeps you humble & in check you need to drag your friends every so often to keep them in line

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